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Luftbildaufnahme von Donaueschingen, Copyright: Stadt Donaueschingen, Fotograf: Rolf Wetzel

Facts & figures

General information

  • Large district town of Donaueschingen (first recorded mentioned in 889, town charter since 1810. Large district town since 1993). Centrally located, district town (Schwarzwald-Baar district) situated in the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region.
  • On 20 June 2012, Donaueschingen was officially recognised as a “resort town”.

Educational institutions

Centre of education with all types of school:

  • primary school special needs, primary schools, technical secondary school
  • evening secondary school,
  • grammar school, technical and commercial high school
  • special needs school, school for people with mental disabilities
  • school of commerce and home economics
  • college for nursing care and agriculture
  • construction industry training centre
  • Art and music school
  • Adult education centre

Number of residents

Total     22.178
Main town 15.464
Aasen 1.275
Grüningen 796
Heidenhofen 265
Hubertshofen 386
Pfohren 1.597
Wolterdingen 1.730
Neudingen 665

(as at 30 April 2020)

Geographical data

  • 8.30.15 eastbound longitude of Greenwich
  • 47.50.10 north latitude
  • Altitude: 680 metres (Donaueschingen train station) to 950 metres (Hubertshofen district) above N.N.

Health and social services

  • District clinic, rehab clinic, general practitioners, specialist doctors, dentists, dialysis centre, pharmacies.
  • Infant care, nurseries, nursery schools, daycare centres, nature playschool.
  • Family centre, multigenerational house, retirement home, assisted living, nursing home.


  • Relatively low rainfall (800 to 900 millimetres/square metre/year) due to its location in the rain shadow of the Black Forest. Around 1700 hours of sunshine each year.
  • Heavy annual temperature fluctuations and frequent frost due to its altitude and leeward side to the Black Forest and lack of protection from the harsh easterly wind.


  • Close to the Swiss border on the Baar plateau between the Black Forest and Lake Constance.
  • Short travel time to holiday resorts in the Black Forest, Lake Constance, Switzerland and Austria.

Trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, seminars

  • Donauhallen: With three halls and three seminar rooms, the Donauhallen offers the perfect infrastructure for all events, from family celebrations and concert and entertainment programmes to trade fair events.
  • Gerbewies fairground: 1.5 hectares of usable space, 250 parking spaces near the town, electricity and water connection, toilets.

Integration of natural forest space

District area of around 105 square kilometres, of which 36 square kilometres belong to the town and 23 square kilometres to the forest. This district area puts Donaueschingen at more than 1/10 of the total area of the Schwarzwald-Baar district.

Proportion of the three southern German large regions:

  • Black Forest
  • Swabian countryside
  • Jura

Sports facilities

Heated outdoor pools, swimming lake with surfing activities, football pitches, athletics facilities, tennis courts and tennis hall, sports and multi-purpose halls, riding arenas and halls, aeroplane and glider airfield, 45-hole golf course, minigolf, fitness centre with badminton, bowling, shooting and archery facilities, Kneipp treatment, natural ice rink, cycle and walking paths, Nordic Walking route, cross-country ski slopes, curling rink, skate park.

Transport connections


  • Direct link to the A 81 motorway Stuttgart - western Lake Constance
  • B 27 federal road Stuttgart - Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
  • B 31 federal road Freiburg - Lindau
  • B 33 federal road Offenburg - Konstanz


Railway hub with connections to

  • Schwarzwald railway line (Offenburg - Konstanz)
  • Höllental railway line (Freiburg - Donaueschingen)
  • Donautal railway line (Ulm - Neustadt)

Access to the intercity lines and international railway links via connections on the Schwarzwald railway line in Offenburg and Singen.


  • Donaueschingen commercial airport
  • Zürich International Airport (Switzerland) and Stuttgart

Economic data

Employees subject to social insurance 10.847
of which:
Production industry 4.632
Retail, hospitality and transport   2.585
Other services   3.607

Dated: 2019

Economic structure

  • Mix of industries with around 1,200 individual businesses, of which 22 larger medium-sized businesses with a total of 2,800 employees.
  • Key sectors: Drive electronics, apparatus engineering and toolmaking, printing industry, paints and renders, precision mechanics, drinks manufacturing, semiconductor technology, wood processing, magnet technology, shoe production, injection moulding technology.
  • Well-situated, enclosed commercial areas are available for companies looking to settle and expand. The necessary infrastructure is available.
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