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Historical information

Impressive history

As with many other towns and municipalities in the southern German region, Donaueschingen is home to traces of Roman presence and Alemannic settlements. The Celts and even people from Stone Age times have left traces of their presence in the Donaueschingen district. The town's name was first mentioned in a royal document from more than 1110 years ago. Donaueschingen became a place of special importance in 1723 when Prince Josef Wilhelm Ernst of Fürstenberg relocated his residence from Stühlingen to Donaueschingen. By doing so, Donaueschingen became the “capital” of the Fürstenberg principality. However, Donaueschingen only became a “town” in 1810. In 1989, Donaueschingen spent the year celebrating the anniversary of its first official mention 1110 years previously. There was another reason to celebrate in 1993: more than 20,000 residents now lived here and Donaueschingen was upgraded to a large district.

Donaueschingen through the ages

5 June 889 First documented mention
1488 Acquisition of the village of Donaueschingen by the Count of Fürstenberg
1589 Foundation of the St. Gregori Brothership by Princess Amalie of Fürstenberg (Gregorifest)
22 July 1614 Inauguration of the Sebastial chapel
1705 Start-up of the Fürstenberg Brewery
31 October 1723 Donaueschingen turns royal Fürstenberg residence
November 1766 Mozart stays at Donaueschingen Palace
1770 The French queen Marie-Antoinette spent the night in Donaueschingen during her wedding journey from Vienna to Paris
28 September 1778 Formation of the Latin school, the Fürstenberg gymnasium since 1933
10 September 1806 Transition of the House of Baden
27 January 1810 Upgrade to a town
1817 Inauguration of new/current cemetery
1844 Donaueschingen becomes a district seat (“civil office of Donaueschingen”)
1849 Formation of the Baden district administration of Donaueschingen, district of Donaueschingen from 1939
14 June 1868 Introduction of the first railway train
1876 Construction of the first Evangelical church
5 September 1885 Opening of the first kindergarten
30 September 1888 Occupation of the post office
April 1891 First printed tourist guide
1892 Completion of the town water pipeline
1 August 1893 Opening of the Bregtal valley railway between Donaueschingen - Hammereisenbach - Furtwangen
12 September 1895 Launch of the telephone line/telephone
16 October 1895 First electric street lighting
15 November 1895 New coat of arms
9 September 1899 Inauguration of the town gym and festival halls

5 August 1908 Town fire
17 May 1909 Formation of the secondary school
4 December 1911 Inauguration of the new/current town hall
1913 Inauguration of the current Evangelical
1913 Formation of the Society of Friends of Music
1 October 1913 Meeting of the companies of the newly formed III Battalion of the 9th Baden Infantry Regiment No. 170 (Donaueschingen becomes a garrison town)
31 July 1921 First edition of the “Donaueschingen chamber music concerts to promote contemporary sound art”. Today: Donaueschinger Musiktage
14 October 1923 Opening of the Max-Egon Hospital
1927/1928 Construction of the St. Marien church
1 August 1933 Incorporation of Allmendshofen
4 April 1935 Incorporation of Aufen
1945 Bombing raid
1953 1st Prince Kari of Fürstenberg equestrian tournament
1954 Construction of the park swimming pool in the “Haberfeld”
13 September 1958 Opening of the 1st school building (Eichendorff school)
1964 Town twinned with Saverne/France
1 December 1971 Incorporation of Wolterdingen
1 January 1972 Incorporation of Pfohren and Grüningen
1972 District reform (the district of Donaueschingen is dissolved)
1 February 1972 Incorporation of Aasen
1 April 1972 Incorporation of Heidenhofen
1 July 1972 Incorporation of Hubertshofen
1 January 1975 Incorporation of Neudingen
1989 1,100th anniversary
1993 Town twinned with Vác/Hungary
1 July 1993 Upgrade to the large district of Donaueschingen
1995 Town twinned with Kaminoyama/Japan
1996 75th Donaueschinger Musiktage
40th Prince Kari of Fürstenberg equestrian tournament
2000 1111-year guarantee
20 June 2012 Recognition as a resort town
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