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Vác; Bild: Stadt Vác

Vác (hungary)

General information

  • Twin town of Donaueschingen since 1993
  • Around 1,100 kilometres away from Donaueschingen
  • 40 kilometres north of Budapest on the Danube and situated at the foot of the Börzsöny and Cserhat mountains
  • Around 36,000 residents
  • Continental climate (9° C average temperature, 2,000 hours of sunlight annually)
  • Altitude 100 to 150 metres above sea level
  • Key industries: cement works, electronics, fluorescent lamp production, photo paper, automobile equipment, agriculture


Historical Danube passageway, occupied for more than 1,000 years. Diocesan town since the 10th century and the region's artistic centre. Destroyed during the Turkish period of occupation. Liberation of the Turkish occupation in 1686, the town was rebuilt afterwards by the bishops residing in Vác (baroque façades, churches, memorials). 

Tourist destinations/sightseeing

Cathedral, baroque churches, Turkish cellar, Statue of Holy Trinity, Triumphal Arch, banks of the Danube 

Surrounding area

Danube Bend, Visegrád Castle, Szentendre 

Special features

School town and mid-sized healthcare town. Music schools, famous choirs and orcestras, large annual folk festival on the banks of the Danube in mid-July (“Vác Baroque Festival”) 

Transport connections

Main road number 2, railway, Budapest–Esztergom boat link, Danube ferry

Contact information

To the twinned town website

impressions from Vác

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