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Schloss Kaminoyama, Bild: Stadt Kaminoyama

Kaminoyama (Japan)

General information

  • Twin town of Donaueschingen since 1995
  • Around 9,000 kilometres away from Donaueschingen
  • Around 300 kilometres north of Tokyo on the Japanese main island of Honshu (Ya-magata prefecture)
  • Impressive scenery at the foot of Mount Zaō and at the confluence of Sugawa and Maegawa
  • Around 30,000 residents
  • Mild climate in a protected valley floor region
  • Altitude 180 metres above sea level; Mount Zaō 1,840 metres above sea level
  • Key industries: Supply industry (entertainment electronics, mechanical engineering, car manufacturing), clothing, food industry, agriculture and forestry, tourism


Discover of rich, hot springs (Onsen) in 1458. Continuous development to become a bathing and health resort. Merger of smaller districts with the town of Kaminoyama in 1954. 

Tourist destinations/sightseeing

Kaminoyama Castle (rebuilt in 1982) with heritage museum; Mokichi-Saito Museum (this very famous Japanese poet was born in Kaminoyama); museums, gardens.

Special festivals throughout the year

Includes the Kagokaki-Ekiden at the end of April or early May (sedan chair relay race in traditional costumes), Hanagasa Festival on 3rd and 4th August (parade with dance troupes adorned with flowers), Kakashi Festival (scarecrow festival) at the start of September. 

Special features

One of Japan's most famous Onsen (hot spring) resorts, 77 hotels, rice, fruit and vegetable production. Speciality: sweet cherries. Mount Zao, situated 20 kilometres away, is a grandiose mountain range which attracts hosts of sportspersons in winter.

Kaminoyama is well-connected by road, can be reached via the Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo or by plane from the neighbouring town of Yamagata.

Contact information

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