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Grüningen district

Residents: 798 (as at: June 2020)

Location: Grüningen is situated at the crossover of the Baar region to the Black Forest on the mountainside both sides of the Brigach stream, nestled in a scenic landscape.


The first mention of the town goes back to the year 1109. Grüningen has often changed ownership over the course of the centuries. A Bailiwick of Gruiningen still existed in the 19th century. On 12 September 1911, 18 properties burned down in a serious, catastrophic fire in the historical part of the town. On 1 October 1936, Grüningen was passed from the Villingen administrative district to the Donaueschingen administrative district and was incorporated into the town on 1 January 1972.

Useful information

Visitors to the village can admire the 13th century St. Maurice Church located at the town’s highest point. It is a listed building due to significant art-historical fresco paintings. As a result of affordable local transport links and the structural change to agriculture, the idyllic farmer's village in the lower Brigach valley has gradually transformed into a residential community. This is proven by ongoing construction works.

In 2009, Grüningen celebrated its 900th anniversary.

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