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Blick auf Hubertshofen

Hubertshofen district

Residents: 401 (as at: June 2020)

Location: Hubertshofen is situated at 800 m and forms part of the Black Forest. The vast forests here invite you to hike and explore; in winter, the three Hubertusspur cross-country ski trails guide you through an idyllic winter landscape.


The municipality was first mentioned in 1352. The Hubertus deer in the early coat of arms represents a link to the town's name. The small community was previously part of the town of Bräunlingen and became an independent municipality in 1846. In 1847, Hubertshofen joined the administrative district (later district) of Donaueschingen and was incorporated into the town of Donaueschingen on 1 July 1972.

Useful information

The 600 hectare district area and around 300 hectare forest formed the livelihood of the Hubertshofen residents. Even today, the town is still characterised by agriculture and forestry. Its higher altitude provides the ideal conditions for winter sports. Its peaceful location on the edge of the Black Forest and numerous hiking trails with views of the Baar countryside attract many nature-lovers to Hubertshofen.

Hubertshofen district has its own website at www.hu­berts­ho­fen.de.

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