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Gruft Neudingen

Neudingen district

Residents: 653 (as at: June 2020)

Location: south-east of the main town on the Young Danube.

Special features: Neudingen played a significant role in the history of the Baar countryside; namely as a palatinate region for the counts, an imperial retreat, monastery site and royal burial ground.


Neudingen Palatinate was first referred to as “Nidinga” in an 870 deed by the Abbey of Saint Gall. Neudingen (previously Neidingen) is actually much older. There are traces of settlements from even earlier times (for example, the approximately 5000 year-old stone tools found by a farmer; Alemannic graves were also discovered). Neudingen joined Baden in 1806 and became part of the Donaueschingen district in 1939 and was incorporated into the town of Donaueschingen on 1 January 1975.

Useful information

Neudingen is rightly proud of its past as well as its present. The rural flair of the town over the past few centuries has only transformed in recent times. There are numerous handicraft businesses in Neudingen in addition to a productive industrial company.
The municipality is characterised by its quiet location and largely unspoilt countryside. The tomb church of the count of Fürstenberg is a distinctive building and popular tourist destination in Neudingen. It is situated in a park and its dome can be seen from a long way away. This church was built in 1850 at the place where an imperial palatinate and later the “Maria-Hof” Abbey once stood.

Neudingen district has its own website at www.neu­din­gen.de.

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