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Wolterdingen von oben

Wolterdingen district

Ein­woh­ner: 1.731 (as at: June 2020)

Location: Wolterdingen is situated on the eastern edge of the Black Forest and is the largest district of Donaueschingen.


The town was first mentioned on 2 May 772 under the name “Wultardingas” in an Abbey of St. Gall deed of donation. It refers back to the first Alemannic possession of land, like many other places in the Baar region. The wheel cross (four-spoked mill wheel) on the early coat of arms is an old town symbol found on the boundary stones. After the Zähringer died out - long before Donaueschingen appeared - the municipality was acquired by the House of Fürstenberg to become part of the royal Fürstenberg administrative district of Hüfingen (based in Donaueschingen from 1844) and was incorporated into the town of Donaueschingen on 1 December 1971.

Useful information

Wolterdingen lies on the western edge of the Baar, where the highly perched Black Forest valley of the Breg widens to a meadow landscape surrounded by forest-covered mountains. As seen from the Baar, Wolterdingen can be described as “the gateway to the Black Forest”. Tourism therefore has a special significance in the area. Early handicraft businesses and industrial settlements existed here thanks to the abundance of water power. Even in the 19th century, Wolterdingen was home to an important glass manufacturer of the region. Today, there are numerous industrial units, saw mills, relevant handicraft businesses and a wide range of services.

Wolterdingen district has its own website at www.wolterdingen.de.

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